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Easter & The Hunger Games

April 6th, 2015

Friday I baked a carrot cake from scratch for the first time ever and it came out amazing! I have to freeze the rest before we gorge ourselves on it.

Carrot Cake

We celebrated Easter on Saturday since E was with us. I didn’t go crazy with the menu this year – we had ham butt (the shank was sold out at Meijer) which I heated up in the crockpot (it came out nice and juicy), mashed potatoes, corn, and crescent rolls.

We made a basket for E:

E's Basket

Before dinner we all went to Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. The kid at the counter had no idea what lactose-free milk was; his reply to my inquiry was “you mean like skim milk?” Uh, no. Turns out they have almond milk, though, so I ordered my iced coffee with decaf, almond milk, sugar, vanilla swirl, and just a little cream. I’m not a fan of almond milk but in this particular case it actually made the drink even tastier than Joe’s regular milk version, plus it did NOT upset my stomach (woo hoo!), but then again I nursed that baby for two days. The ice doesn’t melt if you stick it in the fridge once you’re done sipping on it. They do charge extra for the almond milk, though. So instead of my drink costing $0.99 it was $1.74. And I’m not sure if it had been more if I had ordered a large (I originally ordered a small, then Joe pointed out from 3-6 pm it’s the same price regardless of the size so I upgraded to a large after we had already paid).

We also binge-watched the Hunger Games series since E had brought all three movies over. I never had any interest in watching it but Joe wanted to see it, so I conceded. It was… good? It wasn’t horrible by any means, but it’s not my favorite series. That being said, I do plan to see the next one when it’s released.

Sunday after E went home Joe and I exchanged Easter baskets.

Mine is/was awesome – chocolate and makeup. What else does a girl need? ;)

Nicole's Basket

Sorry about the square photo. I’ve recently become obsessed with Instagram and I guess the only good photo I took of my goodies was with the app. Doh!

I’ve already tried all the makeup products except the eyeshadow primer but I plan to try it soon. It couldn’t have come at a better time, too – I got really annoyed on Friday when I put eyeshadow on before going out to lunch with a friend and when I went to use the restroom saw that it had already disappeared.

The nail polish is from Essie’s new Spring 2015 collection. It’s called Petal Pushers and it’s a cool slate color which I like, but it’s thicker/stickier than some of their other colors so it was a pain to put on. I’d like to grab one of the other new colors too – Flowerista, which is a vibrant plum with red undertones.

The leave-in product didn’t seem to do anything for my hair other than leave it smelling like the product all day and well into the next day. At the very least it could be used to make your hair smell fresh so there’s that (luckily it was free anyway).

I was iffy about opening the EOS lip balm because I’m not a fan of pomegranate but the raspberry scent makes up for it. My favorite, however, is still their Summer Fruit lip balm.

The elf facial brush is nice. I can’t believe Joe was paying attention when I was looking at it recently. He’s the best!

Here’s Joe’s basket:

Joe's Basket

I haven’t given him a basket in the past, which he didn’t seem to mind, but I decided to surprise him. His basket kinda sucks, though, because he’s so hard to buy for, and I didn’t want to go crazy with candy since he’s trying to eat healthier. I made up for that in other ways later, however. ;)

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