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April 27th, 2015

So the whole makeup thing has gotten a little out of control recently.

Wednesday I went to CVS to check out the Milani lipstick that was on sale. I really wanted their Matte lipstick in the color Blissful but it was all sold out, so I got these two instead.

New Lipstick

I finally replaced my 15+ year old brow/lash groomer which was delivered on Saturday.

New vs Old

I was annoyed to find it was $1.50 cheaper at ULTA. I went there on Sunday to look around, plus take advantage of their offer to give me a free bottle of Its a 10. Joe had gotten one for me (also for free) for Easter and after using it a couple of times I got hooked. That little bottle retails for $11, though, so I’m not so sure I’d buy it. Maybe they will just keep giving me free bottles occasionally. ;)


I bought the eye makeup remover ($4; normally $6) to use in place of makeup remover cloths. Last weekend I purchased makeup remover wipes for $6, but now I’m thinking the liquid remover will last longer than the wipes which would be more affordable since I really only need to remove my eye makeup and can wash the rest of my makeup off with a face wash.

In addition, I grabbed the L’Oreal eye shadow palette for $17 (normally $20 before coupon). I wanted something that has primarily matte shadows and the higher end palettes did not, which is fine by me since I really didn’t want to spend $40+ on eyeshadow anyway!

And finally, I ordered $37 worth of e.l.f. products that are due to be delivered this Friday. Granted, I’m getting 16 items for that price, but still.

I am now cutting myself off from buying makeup for awhile. I know that in the grand scheme of things I haven’t spent that much money, but it’s been easier lately to drop money on non-essentials without much buyer’s remorse. And while treating yourself is fine, if you do it all the time it becomes a habit; to me that’s a slippery slope that can turn into a lot of wasteful spending. So I decided to cut back before it gets out of control. Plus it’s difficult to appreciate what you have if you’re always buying new stuff. At least that’s been my experience.

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