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Sunday Funday With Birds

May 4th, 2015

Crabapple Lake

We always have the best weekends and this one was no exception. The weather was beautiful until Sunday late afternoon and we definitely took advantage of that. We had breakfast at the arboretum and then drove around and stopped to take photos. I brought my binoculars to help spot birds. We lucked upon these pretty blue Tree Swallows which I’ve never seen before. Joe actually spotted them first and I was lucky enough to be able to get close enough to them to get a decent shot.

Tree Swallows

Tree Swallow

I’m so glad I had my zoom lens with me even though it’s only 135mm. Today’s experience pushed me to just buy a new zoom lens. While ideally I’d like the 70-300mm I just can’t justify spending $650 so I’m going to get the 55-250mm instead which will be either $200 or $300 (depending on which model I choose). That I can stomach. Maybe when I win the lotto I’ll buy the crazy expensive lenses.

I also got some shots of the arboretum’s daffodils. They bloom and then die so quickly that if you blink you’ll miss them.

Daffodil Glade


After the arboretum we went to Herrick Lake to walk around, then ran some errands which included a trip to Home Depot to get flowers for the new planter Joe built last weekend.

New Planter

I love it!

We also moved our creeping phlox into a new planter which looks way better than the crappy one it was in (we inherited it when we moved in and were too lazy to do anything with it until the plastic started cracking and breaking off).

It was a fantastic spring day; I wish we were wealthy so we could just hit up nature areas every morning and then relax in the afternoons.

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