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Overdue, my ass

November 21st, 2004

I was falling asleep on the couch just a bit ago, but now I’m wide awake because I’m angry. I just logged into my library account to renew two books I have out and it says I have overdue fines because they claim I didn’t return two of the six cds I borrowed. Then I checked Joe’s account and it says that all five cds that he checked out are still MIA as well. WTF?!?

They were due on the 16th and we returned them the evening beforehand. It’s not my problem that they gave us bubble-wrap mailers to cart them around in and their return “bin” is really a table on the other side of a large slot, meaning someone could easily just grab them and take off with them while they are still listed as being with us.

I won’t pay them a cent over this, you can mark my words. I don’t care if they suspend my account and the fines rack up and show up on my credit report. I won’t pay for cds I returned. This was the first time we even checked out any materials and already we’re having issues. I knew there wasn’t something right about that place. It’s about 10 years behind our old library. I’d consider that maybe their computer system is wrong, but it’s odd that the other four cds I checked out have been accounted for. So the only thing I can guess is that someone stole the cds we checked out before they were checked in.

Tomorrow’s phone call should prove to be interesting. I will have to try and remain calm, but I’m seething at the moment. I don’t like being in this position; where I know I didn’t do anything wrong but don’t have the means to prove it.

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