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Staycation Days 8-11

July 27th, 2015

Staycation Day 8 (Friday July 24)

Despite going to bed late on Thursday, we were still prepared to visit the Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana on Friday. Instead of getting there at 11 am when they opened, however, we decided to arrive later at 2 pm so we could all get some much needed rest.

Brother #1 accompanied us and our first stop was Dan’s Pierogis where I ordered three potato & sweet cheese pierogis and three sweet cheese pierogis but ended up with six all potato pierogis. I went back to complain and they gave me three sweet cheese ones. Apparently their cook dumped the potatoes in the bin labeled sweet cheese. I’m not sure what happened with the combo ones but next year I’m just getting sweet cheese across the board because they are the only good ones anyway. I also tried a taco pierogi at a different truck which was quite good.

We were all a little spent after so much walking the day before so we only spent about two hours at the fest. We ran into my cousin as we were leaving which was funny.

We stopped at a Little Caesars nearby to get one of those pretzel crust pizzas with the pepperoni and cheddar cheese sauce and took it back to my parents’ to eat. When we arrived Brother #2 was there holed up in his room. Apparently at some point he went to take a shower but not once did he stop in the kitchen to say hello. I seriously don’t understand him. Incidentally, I invited him and his girlfriend through her (since he doesn’t reply to my texts) to Indiana Beach and the fest but she said they were working. Which is fine, but he didn’t even acknowledge it or any of us when we were there. The last text I got from him was in February and it was “thanks” after I wished him a happy birthday. I texted him prior to that and he didn’t reply and once after that and he didn’t reply. On top of that, not once has either of them invited us to do something with them even when they are literally fifteen minutes from our house. I don’t get it. But I’m at the point I don’t care to get it anymore. He’s self-centered and rude and I’m done. I just hope he realizes he’s the reason we don’t have a relationship – not me. I can only try so many times before I feel like a fool for even bothering.


After eating our pizza and chatting for a bit we decided to go home. We just weren’t in the mood for another late night.

Staycation Day 9 (Saturday July 25)

Everyone was still feeling pooped. E didn’t even want to join us at the pool so we went alone. When we got back he asked if it was ok if he went home so he could hang out with his friends (before leaving for the pool we gave him the option since we could tell he was kinda bored). I tried not to let that hurt my feelings since at his age (17) who can blame him? We were just going to sit around watching movies the rest of the evening anyway and he was due to go home in the morning. So after dropping him off at home we went to the arboretum to see the LEGO exhibit. Then we stopped at Whole Foods for some shampoo and Panda Express for dinner.

When we got home I helped Joe clean all the bug guts off the Escape. We also officially met some of our neighbors including a couple who just moved in two weeks ago. They have a beautiful big St. Bernard which my mom would love.

Staycation Day 10 (Sunday July 26)

We didn’t do much but runs some errands (Target, Costco, Target again haha) and watch TV.

Staycation Day 11 (Monday July 27)

Joe was back at work. I had contemplated going in so I could play catch-up but I had a rough night sleep-wise and my stomach was bothering me so I didn’t get out of bed until 11 am. Then I cleaned the house for a few hours and watched some YouTube videos. I’m not really looking forward to going back to work, but then again when am I?

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