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Market Day

November 27th, 2004

My mom has always ordered from Market Day, but we never could because our freezer in the apartment was too small. Now that we have a larger freezer, we definitely wanted to get some Market Day products, but we ran into a roadblock – whatever school gets credit for your order is the same school where you have to pick up your items. Joe’s kids live almost an hour away from us, and pick-up times are ridiculous – like 3 pm on a weekday. They must assume there’s a lot of stay-at-home parents out there. Nowadays I bet that’s pretty rare.

Then we found out that the Sara Lee outlets carry some select Market Day items, so we went to the one down the street, but the prices seemed kinda high. We decided to go to the Market Day store instead. Ironically enough, their store is less than five minutes from our old apartment, but a little ride from where we’re at now. Their prices were the same as the Sara Lee store, but they had a much larger selection. Plus you can give whatever school you want credit for your purchases. We ended up getting Creme Brie Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Low Carb Broccoli Cheese Stuffed Chicken, Fish and Chips, and my favorites from when I lived at home – Fruit Singles. How pathetically grown up am I that this stuff excites me?

Do you do Market Day?

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