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Fall Decor

September 4th, 2015

I’ve got autumn fever! As soon as September hits I’m ready for the fall decorations and festivals. This morning I hauled my butt out of bed after enduring three crazy-ass dreams, each more progressively bizarre and scary than the last, to do some shopping. In two and a half hours I hit these stores, in this order:

Hobby Lobby
Jo-Ann Fabrics
Home Goods
Five Below
Dollar Tree

And this was the end result of my “haul”:

Fall Decor

Hobby Lobby had the best fall selection by far, but they were also the most expensive. And just because they had the most doesn’t mean it was the best. I was rather unimpressed, but check out the quantity of just one aisle (I believe they had three total, although that was between both fall and Halloween).


Michael’s is where I dropped the bulk of my money, which isn’t saying much because – spoiler alert – I only spent $20.05 total on my shopping “spree”. Anyway, I got the wall clings, which were 50% off, for $2.50 and each orange mum bunch was $4.14 before my 20% off coupon. I also spotted a cute Harvest sign at Michael’s that I was tempted to get but it was $12 which would be $7.20 with my 40% off coupon, but I wasn’t sure what else I might find so I took a picture so I can go back if I don’t find a cute sign elsewhere.

Jo-Ann Fabric’s selection was pathetic so I left empty-handed, and I only went inside Home Goods to score 150 walk-in points from my Shopkick app. They did have some cute Halloween metal houses at Home Goods but there was no way I was dropping $30 on one! Five Below had absolutely no holiday decor at all. I guess it’s too early for them.

I spent almost all of the rest of my money at Dollar Tree – basically all the stuff on the left of the photo except the two Halloween pumpkin tins which were $1 each at Target in their One Spot section. I hadn’t planned on getting any Halloween stuff today because I really don’t need any (but I sure do love it) and I’d like to focus on fall decor first, but I figured I’d better grab them now before the selection was picked over. Target doesn’t seem to sell any fall decor, at least not in their seasonal section, although they are already stocking Halloween candy and treats. I’m sure at some point they will add Halloween decor where the current back to school stuff resides, but I have a feeling it will be pretty disappointing like most years. They used to do whole themes which I loved. In 2008 it was Domo and in 2009 it was Skelanimals, but they haven’t done anything exciting in years.

I still want to check Old Time Pottery to see what they have but that will be on Monday when we *gasp* go test-driving cars. I’m not quite ready to buy yet, but I want to see what my options are since I’m not 100% sold on getting the Ford Focus 5-door, which was the car I liked the most out of my extensive test-driving back in 2012. This time around I’m looking at Mazda and Subaru. They’re a little pricier than the Ford but there’s a good chance I’ll have my next car at least ten years, if not fifteen like my Jetta, so I might as well get something I love.

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