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Gallery of Ghoulish Homes & Sonny Acres

October 19th, 2015

E bailed on us for the weekend to watch the playoffs with his friends so we did our October traditions alone.

Friday we were going to do a haunted hayride but it was too cold. I hope next weekend the weather is more cooperative so we can go.

Saturday evening, with homemade cocoa in hand, we took the Gallery of Ghoulish Homes Tour in St. Charles. There were a total of fifteen houses this year but we only visited eleven because four of them we’ve seen before and didn’t like. There were four rookies this year and all but one were very good.

Here’s a video I took of our favorite homes on the tour.

Sunday morning we headed to Sonny Acres for apple cider donuts and a walking taco for yours truly. The weather was pretty decent and we enjoyed people-watching for awhile. We stayed for about an hour and then headed back home in time for the Bears game.

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