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Treat Yo Self

November 15th, 2015

The weekend before last E came over and we ended up buying a second used drum set for the Xbox 360 (for him to take home). Only $10 after a 40% off coupon at Half Price Books. Interestingly enough, it was almost two years to the day when we purchased the first drum set from the same place and paid roughly the same.

Needless to say, we spent that Saturday playing Rock Band and Band Hero to make sure the drums worked. Bonus: we didn’t have to do it in the loft since there was one more open HDMI port on the tv downstairs to hook up the Xbox. I really suck at the drums (not coordinated enough) so I played guitar. I always forgot how fun those games are; yet we rarely play.

We didn’t have anything planned this past weekend so I ended up buying stuff I didn’t need (although I like it all). Boredom can be a dangerous thing!

Treat Yo Self

I guess sometimes you just need to treat yo self. At least I used coupons. Two of the four pillar candles were free, as well as one votive and the votive holder. The lotion was on sale for $3 (normally $9.50) which is still pricey for what you get, but Joe loves that scent (Warm Vanilla Sugar) on me and I haven’t owned any since my niece bought me some as a Christmas present over a decade ago. This was my first purchase from Charming Charlie even though I’ve browsed the store several times in the past. I felt rather guilty splurging but I will be making some good money soon with a pet sitting gig I have lined up which should cover Christmas presents too. Woot!

We also took advantage of a good deal at Target and bought $150 worth of groceries for $110. We’ve got everything we need for Thanksgiving now. In fact, we need to stay away from Target altogether for awhile, at least when it comes to groceries. The pantry and freezer are at capacity!

Sunday I spent some long overdue quality time with the rats. I feel guilty that I don’t spend more time with them. Even working part time I feel like time is scarce to do everything I want.

The good news is the past two weeks or so I’ve had an unprecedented amount of energy. I’m not able to pinpoint where it’s coming from but it would be great if it lasts since I’m used to feeling fatigued.

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