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Finger Update and New Years Eve

January 2nd, 2016

I ended up calling in sick to work on Tuesday because my finger was really hurting and the antibiotics I had been prescribed on Sunday were making me feel extremely fatigued. I called immediate care and they said I should give the antibiotic another day and if I still didn’t see any improvement in the swelling to come back in. That afternoon I got fed up and started poking at my finger with a needle after taking a shower. Nothing happened so I went downstairs to watch TV and was picking at the skin I had poked when suddenly a bunch of pus started coming out of my finger. Gross, I know, but it did alleviate some of the pressure which was a welcome relief.

Wednesday after work we had a standing appointment with our dermatologist for our annual skin check and it dawned on me that he’d know what to do about my finger. When he examined it he said that there wasn’t anything left to drain, but he did switch the antibiotic I was taking to something more suitable to the type of skin infection I have. Since then my finger has been slowly feeling better and the swelling is finally starting to go down. I can type on my computer again without recoiling in pain.

My employer decided to close the office early on Thursday but my boss said some people would be sticking around so I could leave whenever I wanted. Since I’m hourly, and I’m already not getting paid for missing work on Tuesday since I didn’t have any sick time left, I had planned to work a regular shift Thursday, but by 1:30 pm no one was left but me and one guy. He decided to go out for a run so I was literally the only one in the building which was creepy. I ended up clocking out at 2 pm and going home. Next time I’ll just leave at noon with everyone else since it wasn’t worth the anxiety I felt once the office was empty.

Since my finger infection prevented me from taking down the Christmas decorations on Sunday, I tackled that when I got home from work. Three hours later everything was back in their totes in the garage. It took awhile since I had to reorganize all the totes to include all the new decorations I purchased this year (including a Christmas pickle!). When Joe got home from work he took apart the tree and put that away as well.

We had the option of going to my parents’ for the evening but didn’t feel like driving down there, so we ordered a small deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis and watched TV. Around 11:00 pm I got a burst of energy and ended up decluttering the house. It felt so good to get things in a more organized state. I enjoy the holidays but having all that decor out makes the house look cluttered.

I went to bed shortly after watching the Chi-Town Rising but Joe opted to stay up a little later. It took awhile for me to fall asleep because I was feeling kinda low; not really anything new, honestly. New Years is always a letdown for me because I feel like we should be out partying but we’re never invited to go anywhere (with the exception of my parents which is ok, but not the same as having friends invite you out) and probably would hate it even if we did since we’re not the bar-hopping type. It’s an odd thing I have trouble explaining. Overall I just felt lonely I guess.

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