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Weekend Recap

January 3rd, 2016

Yesterday after grabbing groceries from Costco and dropping them off at home, we went to the library to relax for a couple of hours. Except it was tough to relax because a) it was freezing inside, and b) people are so damn rude. A library should be the one place you can go for peace and quiet, but unfortunately some people don’t know how to use their indoor voice, and I’m talking about full grown adults! Great example to set for your kids. On top of that, too many people drag their feet when walking. Kids I can forgive, but more than half the people doing it were adults. Ugh! Needless to say, after I finished reading the magazines I had picked up, we were out of there. It sucks how easily other people ruin things.

We borrowed The Gift from the library so we watched that last night. It was pretty interesting. Jason Bateman plays a good asshole. Haha.

This morning we did some more grocery shopping, this time at Target. We also swung by Qdoba to pick up lunch. They sent me a BOGO coupon for my birthday and an anniversary (based on when I signed up) coupon for free chips and queso. So we got two burrito bowls and the chips and queso for $5. Score!

Current birthday freebie/discount tally:
Aunt Annies – free cinnamon sugar bites
Kohl’s – Free $5 coupon
Red Robin – Free burger & fries
Qdoba – Free entree with purchase of one
ULTA – Free full size lip gloss

Still planning to use:
Baskin Robbins – Free scoop of ice cream
Jamba Juice – Free smoothie or juice
Noodles & Company – Free bowl of noodles
Red Mango – $5 on my Red Mango card

Still expecting (but haven’t received the email yet):
Classic Cinemas – free movie ticket
Dunkin Donuts – free medium beverage
Starbucks – free beverage of any size

One thing I’ve noticed is that the coupons expire much quicker than in previous years. Most of them are only good until the 12th or 14th of January whereas last year they were good until the end of the month.

I also spent a good portion of this afternoon doing laundry and cleaning the house since I haven’t really done much since my finger became infected. I’m feeling extra anxious today for some reason and I thought cleaning might help, but only marginally. Maybe it has to do with having to work tomorrow? I don’t usually work on Mondays but I switched my schedule so I can have my birthday off. Not sure what we’re going to do, but I sure as hell didn’t want to work.

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