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Looking for host suggestions

January 23rd, 2005

I’m looking at switching hosts for both my sites in a few months, and was wondering if any of you had one you’d like recommend. So far everything I’ve found online turned out to be shady operations with horrible support and poor reviews from current users. Here’s my main criteria, and please don’t recommend unless you’ve had personal experience with them. Thanks in advance!

$9.99/month or less
Running Linux
99.9% uptime guaranteed
Minimum 500 MB storage
Minimum 20 GB transfer
Minimum 2 domains
Minimum 5 subdomains
Minimum 5 email addresses
Minimum 1 FTP account per domain
Control panel
Perl, CGI, MySQL
SSH (secure shell) access (I know this doesn’t come standard due to security reasons, but many hosts will give it to you if you ask)

I think I remembered everything. I’m so high-maintenance. ;)

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  1. Joe
    January 24th, 2005 at 17:46 | #1

    High-maintenance? You? Nah, not at all. Say it isn’t so. I just can’t imagine. ;)

  2. plum
    January 27th, 2005 at 18:48 | #2

    I used Verve and never had any problems with them. I *think* they have everything you need.

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