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Target Friday

February 19th, 2016

So far today has felt hectic even though I haven’t done that much.

I slept in until 8:30 am. Thank you, Xanax; I only take one about every two weeks and it’s only .25 mg but it helps when I wake up and have trouble falling back to sleep which typically happens on Fridays. My sweet spot for sleep is from 11 pm to 8 am but I rarely get to do that because of work and wanting to go places on the weekends.

I decided to take a quick bath and spray some dry shampoo in my hair so I could give it a break and get ready quicker. Then I went to Target with my shopping list in hand. I was tempted to buy a really cute beach bag I spotted but $10 seemed kind of high since we got one from Walmart last year for only $5. Although now that I look at that one, the Target one is much nicer, and we could use two especially when we go to a waterpark or Indiana Beach again. Maybe we’ll get it tomorrow since I totally forgot to use the $3 off anything Target coupon I have that expires tomorrow. That is what happens when I don’t have my shopping sidekick (Joe) with me!

For the most part I stuck to my list except for a $3 pink wire vase I plan to use for fake flowers when I decorate for Easter. I also ended up buying another Caboodles acrylic makeup organizer (name = Center Stage) ($13 after a $2 iBotta rebate) for the bathroom vanity. I spent well over an hour reorganizing all my beauty products when I got home, including putting all the samples I won’t be using now in the hall closet. I keep a bag of travel/sample products so I can shop my own stash whenever we go out of town. Most of the time I don’t end up having to buy anything.

Caboodles Organizer

Thanks to my Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions, I have way too much stuff but I don’t want to cancel either one because I really enjoy getting the samples every month. I managed to put together a box of stuff I don’t plan on ever using, but I’m not sure what to do with it. I have absolutely zero women in my life who wear makeup (and no female coworkers I’m close enough with to be like “hey, want my rejects?”) other than my cousin who lives out in Indiana and who I rarely see. Although now that I just typed that someone did pop up in my mind, so I’ll contact her to see if she wants the stuff. I hate throwing out perfectly good products (they are unused because I could tell just by looking at them they wouldn’t work for me).

I also reorganized our freezer a little bit to cram in my new grocery purchases. If only we had room for a free-standing freezer in the garage. When we buy a house a basement is on my wish list so I can have a huge freezer, not to mention more space to store decorations and stuff instead of in the garage.

Speaking of houses, I had a very strange dream this morning that we bought a house, but as I was walking through it for the first time since moving in, I started feeling sick over the idea we’d be living there. The layout was terrible, it wasn’t open concept at all, and it was very dark inside. Plus it was fully furnished but not in our style at all. Right before I woke up I said to Joe, “I think we made a mistake buying this house”. I was so happy once I realized it was only a dream. Other than the shared walls, lack of yard, and lack of basement, I really like our townhome. The layout works perfectly and we get a ton of light on the main floor.

I’m finishing up a second load of laundry and once that’s done I’m heading to the library and then to check in on the kitties I’m cat-sitting. I want to be back home before 4 pm so I can start working on the lasagna I’m making for dinner. We reserved The Martian from Redbox for only 75 cents thanks to a coupon. I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing evening.

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