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It has arrived

January 24th, 2005

My new camera arrived early this morning and I immediately started charging the battery. It was torture looking at that lovely box and being unable to do anything but skim the user manual during lunch. Luckily I was pretty busy all day so the time didn’t drag too much.

As soon as I got home I had Joe help me put the neck strap on the camera, then I popped in the battery and my old CF card (got a 1 GB Lexar on the way), attached the starter lens, and walked around the townhome taking photos while playing with various settings.

As is with all first days with a new camera, the shots I took were not very impressive, but it will take some time and patience to get familiarized with how Canon has their buttons, menu items, etc. laid out as opposed to Nikon which I’ve become accustomed to. I’ve already learned a lot about this gem and can’t wait to get outside to really see what this camera can do. Indoor shots just don’t do it for me, but here’s a few test shots, mostly using ISO 1600 as I’m not a big fan of the onboard flash.

It’s amazing to listen to the shutter do it’s thing (it’s actually quite loud since I’m not used to it!) and watch the camera react so much more quickly than my old camera. It’s also different having to use the eyepiece exclusively as the live image preview is gone. But it’s so worth it!

I hadn’t realized the aspect ratio of the Canon image files (3:2) differ from the Nikon (4:3) because it uses the same dimensions as standard 35mm film. Because of this, the need for cropping before printing has been eliminated, which is cool, but not something I had even thought about. Just another added bonus!

Here’s to hoping for some decent weather this weekend so I can visit a forest preserve or two.

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  1. mk
    January 25th, 2005 at 12:07 | #1

    I’ll be ordering a 20d shortly. Where did you get yours from? I’d like to use B&H but the kit with the lens I want (18-55 USM) is backordered. Foo. We’ll see how long I can wait.

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