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Easter Weekend

April 1st, 2016

Friday morning we drove down to E’s area to have breakfast at Denny’s with him and his new girlfriend so we could meet her. She’s a freshman in high school and very sweet. Needless to say, we liked her a lot. I was a bit stressed about the bill, but much to my relief everyone ordered off the $2 $4 $6 $8 menu so for the four of us it was just under $20.

After breakfast we did a little grocery shopping. We hadn’t decided for sure whether we were going to get a ham this year for Easter but our produce market, Valli, had the butt potion for only 99 cents per pound so we picked up a 10 lb one. I also bought a bunch of carrots for the cake I was planning to bake.

We stopped by the library to drop off a movie and I decided to check the new releases; I was surprised to find a blu-ray copy of Mockingjay Part 2. Unfortunately it wasn’t nearly as good as the first part but free is always good.

Saturday morning I made a carrot cake. Now I remember why it’s been a year since I last made it – it’s very time consuming. Plus when I pulled out the flour I realized it was expired. Joe was nice enough to run to Target to buy some for me. I also had him get sugar since I had forgotten to write the expiration date on the canister lid like I usually do. Once I got the canisters cleaned and filled with the new staples I wrote the expiration dates on them and put a reminder in my phone that the flour expires at the end of December so I won’t run into that issue again.


The cake turned out pretty good. A little drier than last time, but still better than anything you’d buy at the store.

Sunday morning we cut up the ham and put it in the crockpot with a bunch of glaze I made. We also cut up the cake so we could bring it over to my parents’ house.

We arrived at my parents around 3:30 pm and Brother #2 was already there playing video games with my other brother. My mom put together an egg hunt and some other games all the “kids” played. I don’t care how old you are, stuff like that is still fun! She also gave us candy and money. We already won money during the games so I felt guilty. She said the extra money (and a $50 Red Lobster gift card!) were for us coming out the past two weekends to move the router (and subsequently move it back; long story). I explained that’s what family does but she insisted we keep the gifts.

Oh, I almost failed to mention we got to play my favorite game, Taboo, before Brother #2 left. He said he hates that game because he’s not good at it but his team (which included my other brother) won so now I don’t believe him. We also played Aggravation later on in the evening. It was a nice holiday.

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