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February 10th, 2005

The strangest thing happened today – I wasn’t hungry in the morning, so I didn’t eat breakfast, or have the Cafe Mocha Cappuchino drink I’ve become hooked on. And when I say hooked, I mean addicted to the point where most days I feel like crap until I have one.

I ran out to Walmart during lunch, so I picked up a salad from Burger King on the way back and ate at my desk. As I munched, my stomach started to “wake up” and by the time I was done I was hungrier than when I started. Explain that. The good news is that I consumed less than 500 calories by the evening, so I could afford to be a little pig-ish for dinner. So what did I end up eating? A bowl of cereal. Hmph.

Speaking of food, I made homemade fried rice on Sunday. It didn’t taste like the rice you get from a Chinese restaurant, though. More like the stuff from Panda Express. I had the hardest time finding some good sweet and sour sauce at the store, and I need that for the rice; I can’t eat it without it. The first bottle I bought, made by La Choy, was terrible and went straight into the trash. Then I bought Kikkoman, but that sucked too (although their Soy Sauce is good). Tuesday I finally found a good one at the Super Target called Chun’s Sweet n’ Sour Sauce. The lesson here: if the sauce is orange-yellow, you’re all good fellow; if the sauce is red, throw it in the trash instead. :)

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