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Weekend Recap: 4/29-5/02

May 2nd, 2016

Friday we decided to see Keanu so we headed to the mall to catch the first showing of the day. We ran into friends of ours there so we briefly caught up and then made our way over to the theater. Besides us there was only four other people in the auditorium which was nice.

I’ve been excited about the movie ever since it was announced, so it pains me to say that while it was still more entertaining than many of the comedies I’ve seen, overall I was disappointed. I sincerely doubt it will garner multiple subsequent views. I remember turning to Joe halfway through and saying, “this isn’t nearly as funny as I thought it would be.” I expected more from Key & Peele – their sketches were always on point and they’re hilarious in interviews – and this movie failed to meet my expectations. The kitten in the movie was absolutely adorable, however!

Saturday and Sunday were lazy days since it was cold and rainy out. We literally didn’t leave the house two days in a row. I still worked out on the elliptical both days, though. I also read a book and watched two seasons of Burning Love on Hulu. Saturday morning I watched a live stream of Brother #2’s graduation at UIC Pavillion. It started at noon and didn’t end until 3:30 pm because it was multiple schools’ graduating classes in one big event. My other brother and I chatted online from our respective homes while watching the “action”.

It was good to get out this morning (Monday) even if it was only to grocery shop. We hit the produce market, Aldi, Walmart, and Costco with a stop at the library in between.

At home I attempted to replicate Starbucks’ shaken green ice tea with lemonade. At first I was disappointed with the results, but after some Googling to see how other people made theirs, I added some simple syrup and then it tasted almost identical to the official one. I’m so excited because it’s way cheaper to make my own. Right now I’m using the Teavana Jade Citrus Green Tea (which is what Starbucks uses) with Country Time lemonade. I brewed the tea extra strength, poured it into a shaker, added ice and the powdered lemonade mix and shook it up. I will add the simple syrup to the shaker next time as well. I need to limit myself to only 1-2 glasses of it a week because of the calories. It’s so good, though!

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