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Every year we like to visit Lilacia Park to see all the blooming lilacs and tulips. I had been keeping an eye on the park’s Instagram account to determine when best to visit, but they totally dropped the ball. Three weeks ago they posted this:


Then there weren’t any photos again until Thursday when they posted this:


I already had a standing reminder in my calendar to visit on Friday, but we really should have visited the weekend prior because the lilacs were already disappearing from the trees/bushes. I wish they were better with updating their Instagram! The park was also much more crowded on a Friday than we expected. I’m sure the beautiful weather was somewhat to blame, but I was a little bummed that it was almost as crowded as a weekend day.


That being said, I still got a lot of great photos. We made two full loops around the park, the first one with my wide angle lens so I could get landscape photos, and the second one with my zoom lens so I could get close-up shots.


Afterwards we went to Taco Diner for steak tacos since we hadn’t gotten a chance to eat any on Cinco de Mayo. There was a concert at E’s school Thursday night and when we discussed meeting up for dinner beforehand he didn’t seem that thrilled about having Mexican so we ended up using a certificate for Nino’s Pizza. He brought his girlfriend so we all shared a large cheese pizza which was pretty good.

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