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Mother’s Day

May 10th, 2016

I was feeling rather bummed Sunday morning lying in bed thinking about how neither of my step-children ever acknowledge me on Mother’s Day (not that I would expect K to since she literally hasn’t spoken to either of us in nearly four years). Basically I was having a little pity party for myself. Then I walked downstairs and was greeted with some gifts from Joe.


I should have taken a photo before moving everything, including the single red rose which I already put in water.

He also sent me a long touching email that brought tears to my eyes. I’m so lucky to have him and it really made me feel better. One of the things he said in his email was how I’ve been such a positive influence on his kids, and I hope I have been. I always took the high road even when I knew their mom was bad-mouthing us to them. I also tried my best to do things they would enjoy, and cook meals I know they would like. I don’t, nor did I ever, expect them to fawn over me or anything, but a little acknowledgement on this day would be nice. Ah well, you can’t have it all. I’m so glad I have such a wonderful husband who appreciates me and how I’ve treated his children at least.

Speaking of, Joe made us a nice big breakfast of pancakes (banana and chocolate chip, yum), scrambled eggs, and turkey sausage.

We headed over to my mom’s in the afternoon, arriving around 3 pm.

I invited my cousin over and she got there a bit before we did but no one answered the door when she knocked. That’s typical even though everyone was home as my mom was in the bathroom, my dad was in the back bedroom, and Brother # 1 was in the basement so no one could hear the door.

B (formerly known as Brother # 2) (who lives with his girlfriend at her parents house as of a few months ago) arrived a little later with some ribs and oven browns (potatos) from a place called Hog Wild. I’m not really a fan of ribs but these were really good! J (formerly known as Brother # 1) went out and got KFC too so we all stuffed our faces before going outside to play bags (aka cornhole). We also played What’s Yours Like? because that’s the game my mom chose for her special day.

At some point between games my mom opened her gifts. B gave her photos of him from his 30th birthday party and graduation. J gave her some DVDs including a season of The Middle. I wanted to get her some flameless candles she could use when decorating since she’s allergic to scented ones. Unfortunately everything I found was either ugly or had scent added so I amde her a gift instead:


She seemed to like them so that’s good.

Since we arrived so early we were able to hang out a long time and still leave at a respectable hour (9:30 pm) so we didn’t end up going to bed at 2 am.

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