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Adventures in Damaged Appliances

June 6th, 2016

This morning we visited Northside Park in Wheaton so I could get some photos of the wildlife. I love this park so much!

Northside Park

We saw a Great Blue Heron as well as other birds.

Great Blue Heron

Afterwards we went to Lowes to buy a new dishwasher since ours finally crapped out last night. It was 26 years old so it was time. I did a little research online and Consumer Reports recommended Whirlpool so we went with that even though we didn’t get the specific model in their recommendation as it was $150 more. We didn’t want any bells and whistles – just a basic dishwasher like our old one.

The model we bought was on sale for $299. We brought it home and when Joe was getting ready to install it we noticed the side panel was cracked. And of course it wasn’t the side of the dishwasher facing the sink so you’d never notice it. Noooo, it had to be the side facing out where everyone walks past and it’s noticeable. Can we seriously not catch a break with buying damaged appliances? I know it’s only a cosmetic issue, but WTF?

Cracked Dishwasher

We didn’t want to take it back to Lowes since it was the last one in stock other than the floor model so I called Whirlpool and they are sending someone out on Friday to determine the part that needs to be replaced. Because me taking pictures and sending it to them isn’t sufficient. Even though they know exactly what piece it is and the model and serial number. Then of course they will have to come back to actually do the replacement. I feel like someone should pay me for my time and aggravation.

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