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Other people’s places

March 6th, 2005

After we dropped the kids off this morning, we did some grocery shopping, had a quick breakfast, and went to Lowes, JoAnn Fabrics, and Archivers. When we got home, Joe installed the new faucet in our master bathroom, and washed my poor dirty car in the driveway while I cleaned the bathrooms.

It was 60° today, so we got the chance to open the windows and get some fresh air in the house for the first time since we moved in. It felt so good! I’ve been feeling quite depressed lately, and the nice weather really improved my mood. I really do think I suffer from SAD.

After Joe finished cleaning my car, we walked down the street to an open house because the place for sale has an identical layout to ours and we were curious how they had decorated. We weren’t the only ones, either. There was couple from the sub-division poking around, as well as a lady from across the street. On top of that, the realtor who was showing the place lives across the street from us too. It’s a good thing we didn’t pretend like we were looking for a new place.

There were a few cool things I liked about the place, most notably the tile in the master bath, but overall I think our place looks much better. I felt a sick sort of satisfaction that the carpeting seam on the top stair leading to the second floor looked as shitty as ours. Either it’s just a hard part to carpet, or they had Home Depot do their install too. We noticed their seam right away in the living room as it was buckling. There was also a very large pinkish stain in front of the couch. You’d think they would have covered it with an area rug or something. They are asking $17k more than we paid for our place, and I hope they get it because it will help increase the value of our home.

Oh and it was funny because the realtor told us how the previous owners were having a hard time selling our place and asked her advice. She told them “get rid of the blue and drop the price”. She said we bought the place not long after they did that and they were very thankful. I still think we got a good deal on this place as everyone here is trying to sell their place for $10-20k more than we paid.

When we got back from spying on our soon-to-be-ex neighbors, Joe put up some new lights we had bought for our loft. We ended up running out to Home Depot after that because the sink was now leaking, so he needed to replace a pipe. After seeing the other place, we decided to go cheap and put in white mini blinds in the living room to get rid of the blue cellular shades, but they cost more at Home Depot, so we decided to go to Lowes instead (I’m starting to prefer them to Home Depot). We originally were going to install plantation shutters in our living room, and probably still will, but we’re going to wait until next year. In the meantime, we’re tired of the ugly blue cellular blinds.

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