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Shaws Crab House

March 15th, 2005

We decided to use up a Lettuce Entertain You gift card this weekend and picked a seafood restaurant called Shaws Crab House. Neither one of us had ever been there before, nor will we go there again. I can’t say the food wasn’t good, because it was, but it wasn’t good enough to justify their prices. I’d much rather go to Red Lobster.

I did get to have my scallops finally, though! Their flavor was good, plus they were in a semi-thick garlic butter sauce, but the texture was grossing me out. I don’t think there was anything wrong with them. In fact, I’m guessing the reason why they practically melted in my mouth was because they were prepared properly, but they were making me queasy nonetheless.

The desserts were cute: you get this really small serving of your choice for only $1, but it wasn’t anything special. I don’t know if it makes me trashy, but I enjoy eating at places like Panda Express more than any of the fancy restaurants we’ve tried over the years. I would like to try Wildfire one of these days, however. I am a sucker for a good filet mignon. So far my favorite is at Lonestar Steakhouse. We usually only go there to celebrate, though. We might just have to find something to celebrate soon. ;)

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