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Fall TV

September 29th, 2016

It’s that time of year again where all your favorite shows (hopefully) return and new ones become available. It’s strange this year for us since we no longer have a DVR so we actually have to make a point to sit down to watch when the show actually airs and sit through commercials (oh the horror)! Although truth be told if we could just be a little patient we could watch all of our shows whenever we want since they show up on Hulu (or On Demand for the CBS shows) the day after they air. In any case, here’s what we’re watching now.

Big Bang Theory, The (CBS, Mondays but moving to Thursdays) – We’re starting to lose our enthusiasm for this show. I think no matter how clever a show’s premise is after awhile it grows a little stale. Also, I can’t help picking apart certain facets such as questioning why a character like Sheldon would even have friends or what makes Leonard and Penny work as a couple when they have no common interests. At this point I wouldn’t be terribly heartbroken if the series was cancelled.

Bobs Burgers (FOX, Sundays) – Still loving this show. I can’t decide who I enjoy more – Gene or Louise. I really loved the latest EP where H Jon Benjamin voiced the yellow toy. It sounded like the character Phillip on O’Grady (which was also voiced by him).

Brooklyn 99 (FOX, Tuesdays) – Still very enjoyable and one of the shows I look forward to the most because Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher (who plays Captain Holt) are hilarious. I love their dynamic.

Designated Survivor (ABC, Wednesdays) – I don’t actually care for this new show starring Kiefer Sutherland but Joe has decided to continue watching it so I’m listing it.

Goldbergs, The (ABC, Wednesdays) – Still fun to watch due to the nostalgia invoked from growing up in the 80’s. Barry is my favorite character.

Good Place, The (NBC, Thursdays) – Really love this quirky new show! Heard about it in a discussion thread and caught up on the first three episodes on HULU. Definitely part of the regular rotation. I would be bummed if I found out it was cancelled.

Impastor (TV Land) – We saw this being advertised on a different channel and decided to see if it was on HULU which it is. We started watching the 1st season and are really liking this quirky show. I’m guessing we’ll be all caught up by the end of the weekend since the 1st season is only 10 episodes. I’m glad there’s a second season that just started airing.

Kevin Can Wait (CBS, Mondays but moving to Thursdays) – I’ll be surprised if this lasts the full season; Kevin James seems to play the same character in every thing he’s in, but it’s cute enough to watch since it airs right after Big Bang.

Last Man On Earth (FOX, Sundays) – Still liking this, but not so much that I’d be sad if it was cancelled. We hadn’t even noticed there was a new episode available until I happened to spot it on Hulu.

Middle, The (FOX, Tuesdays starting October 11) – I’m sure we’ll enjoy this one like we did the past.

Modern Family (ABC, Wednesdays) – Still amusing, although not as much as the earlier seasons.

Scream Queens (FOX, Tuesdays) – I wouldn’t really miss this show if it went off the air but it’s entertaining enough to watch when nothing else is on.

Other Shows I/We Watch When The Mood Strikes Me

Awkward (MTV)
Married (FX) *
Shark Tank (ABC)
You’re The Worst (FX) *

As you can see, we prefer the half hour sitcoms to most anything else. Not a big fan of drama or reality, although I do miss watching Dateline and 20/20 now that I don’t have any days to myself. I used to listen to them as I cleaned house back when we had a DVR.

* Technically we won’t be watching the FX shows until the latest seasons show up on Hulu since that channel isn’t in our package.

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