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Saturday B came over to hang out. When he first arrived he was hungry so we ran out for some food. After eating we made a trip to the library to grab a movie (we chose Shaun of the Dead) we could play while carving pumpkins. B wanted to get some exercise so we also took a walk around the park before heading home.

We made caramel apples first since they need to cool in the fridge for an hour before you can eat them.

Caramel Apple

We didn’t have a lot of nuts so mine isn’t as nutty as I would prefer but overall it still came out delicious because we sprung for Honeycrisp apples which weren’t too bad since Caputos had them for 99 cents per pound for a one day sale on Friday. I love them because they are so big a juicy and we cheat by using the unwrapped caramels.

I had forgotten how tiring pumpkin carving can be and I have a lot of respect for people who chose elaborate designs. I chose a simple jack-o-lantern and was still whining about my arm hurting after carving the eyes.


Joe cut it open and helped me scrape the inside and he also did the mouth for me because I’m a big baby. I did pick out all the seeds from the three pumpkins so could roast them, however. Joe found directions that used butter in addition to salt so they came out a little different but still good. We send B home with half of them since we made a lot. I didn’t get a photo but B carved a skull and Joe went with two bats. You probably can’t tell from the photo but my pumpkin has some nasty spots on the right side but it’s holding up ok outside which might be thanks to the vasoline I rubbed all over the cut spots. Watch it get all nasty on Halloween since it’s supposed to be 75 degrees!

The evening ended with a trip to a couple of houses in a neighboring town that are known for having really cool decorations.

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