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November 1st, 2016

There’s this cleaners near the Great Clips in Carol Stream I like to frequent that does the most amazing tailoring. I’ve had my dress pants clasp reinforced there many years ago and it’s still like new, Joe had holes in two sweaters repaired and you can’t see the stitching, I’ve had two pairs of jeans made into shorts, and most recently I had the belt loops on my jeans removed because they bunch up strangely and make me look bumpy. You can’t even tell there were ever loops there to begin with. The woman who does all the work, Mi, is so nice too. When I asked her about removing the loops she lopped one off with scissors suggesting I could do the same to the rest of them for free, but I didn’t want the extra material left there. I am contemplating trying it on my newer pair of jeans, however, since the loops are sticking out too. Both pairs that do this are the Target brand stretchy jeans which I otherwise love so it’s a small price to pay for a pair of pants that flatter my figure and are also super comfortable.

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