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Monday Madness

December 6th, 2016

Yesterday was the puppy’s first vet visit. We brought along all the paperwork L had given us on her and because puppy had reacted to her 8 week distemper vaccination, the vet didn’t want to do one at 10 weeks. Instead we’ll do that one at 12 weeks and she will give her meds beforehand to reduce the chance of a reaction. In addition, we went over her general health, got a bunch of info, and had all of our questions answered. Total cost was only $60 and half of that was a fecal test to check for worms (which came up negative). It’s nice because the regular vet visit is only $32 which is half of what it costs to take the rats in, plus this place is literally 5 minutes away.

After dropping the puppy off at home we went to Savers where I actually found a few things.

Clothes from Savers

Pictured above: a black sweater hoodie ($3), a Calvin Klein merino wool sweatshirt ($5), and two comfy pairs of fleece pajama pants which were only $2.50 each.

We hit Costco for lunch, samples, and a few things on our list, plus some comfy socks not on my list (but definitely wanted).

Costco Items

Finally we stopped at Petsmart where they had holiday toys on sale so we got a few for the puppy’s stocking plus a few other items including a coat which she did not like. She refused to walk outside with it on. She just sat there until I took it off. LOL

Petsmart Loot

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