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Monday 1/9

January 9th, 2017

I forgot to mention that over the weekend a package from Amazon arrived with an ice cube tray inside. I was perplexed because I hadn’t ordered it and there was no message inside. It wasn’t until I was chatting with brother B later that day that I learned he had sent it. A few months ago he was over when Joe was trying to release the baby food (which I was feeding to Gizmo) I had frozen in our ice cube tray and it broke. B figured we’d want a better one and the one he sent me is pretty fancy. He didn’t realize I wasn’t using a tray for baby food anymore (although I might need to start since now Milo isn’t eating his regular food) but we could use it for making dog treats or iced coffee (since we don’t need it to make actual ice cubs since the freezer makes them).

The following day I also got a $25 Texas Roadhouse gift card from B. I wasn’t expecting either of those things since we don’t typically exchange presents on our birthdays (or Christmas, for that matter).

Anywho, today I mostly worked on stuff around the house. I was reading a blog where the person types out their accomplishments, so I’m going to do that since it’s faster that way.


Reorganized the freezer
Cleaned the rat cages (I moved Milo to a clean one to avoid having to clean his regular one last weekend so I had two to clean)
Dusted upstairs
Vacuumed upstairs
Reorganized the side table in the master bedroom
Cleaned master bathroom including scrubbing the shower tile with Soft Scrub and a toothbrush
Did laundry
Paid bills
Recorded some gift card balances and cashed in Discover rewards for a $50 e-certificate to Red Robin
Recorded all our receipts in a spreadsheet

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