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Our New Laser Printer

January 9th, 2017

A couple of weeks before Christmas Amazon had a wireless Brother laser printer/scanner on sale for $100 (normally $145). I decided to buy it for my parents since they have a crappy ink-jet that costs a fortune whenever they get new ink cartridges compared to the four times we’ve had to replace our toner.

Keep in mind I’ve been telling my parents for years they should get a laser printer because it’s so much cheaper. So I’m on the phone with my mom and she happens to bring up the fact that the printer is out of ink and I mention the laser printer thing again. This time she tells me she knows it would be cheaper but doesn’t want to chance it because the toner would probably bother her. Ugh!!! How come she never mentioned that before? Also, shame on me for not thinking of it either.

So this is my drawn-out way of saying we got a new printer! I figured it wasn’t worth trying to convince her to try it so we kept it for ourselves.


I’m not even upset because the printer is so cool I was feeling rather jealous when I thought we’d be giving it to my parents. And let’s face it, they wouldn’t have used some of the coolest features anyway, like printing from a smartphone without having the computer on. That is my favorite feature because sometimes when we’re heading out the door we have to print a coupon and it’s annoying to have to boot up the computer just to do it.

In addition to that, I like the new printer because:

1) It’s black instead of cream-colored which helps it blend in on the shelf below my desk where it resides.

2) It has a flat-bed scanner which will come in handy once in awhile since the phone scanning app isn’t great at scanning non-paper items.

3) It’s physically lighter than the old printer.

4) And did I mention I can print to it from my phone without having the computer on thanks to the wireless feature???

Our 13+ year old Brother laser printer still works perfectly but was very basic so I’m not sure what to do with it now. Maybe offer to let my parents try it? At least I won’t be offended if my mom gives it back like I would have with the new one.

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