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Weekend Recap

January 21st, 2017

Friday 1/20

Made Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes for dinner. Came out pretty good. Need to use more steak sauce next time than recipe dictates for more intense flavor.

Went to play Bingo with friend E at the church. Didn’t win squat, as usual, but had fun nonetheless being silly.

Saturday 1/21

Purchased a cute Nightmare Before Christmas purse from Hot Topic. Was BOGO so Joe got a Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt.

Nightmare Before Christmas Bag

Had $10 of Kohl’s cash burning a hole in my pocket but couldn’t find anything I wanted the weekend before. Was about to give up when we came across dog beds on sale 50% off. So this CuddleDuds bed was under $13 when all was said and done.

CuddleDuds Dog Bed

Checked out the new Mariano’s. Super busy! Used coupon for a free reusable grocery tote. Bought some cheese and crackers after sampling it with pesto. New delicious combo we never thought of trying before.

Went to Petco to use $30 off 30 lb bag of dog food but they only make the puppy variety in a 15 lb bag. Employee said “let’s try the coupon anyway and see what happens” and it worked! So what was normally $40 was $10 plus tax and I used my $15 egift card so it was nothing out of pocket.

It was almost 60 degrees outside so we took Wookie for her first park visit. We used the new seat cover and seatbelt hardness I had purchased at Amazon and although she wasn’t quite sure how to sit at first, she was much calmer than when we put her in the crate. We chose Armstrong Park because it tends to be less crowded. We came across people on the path and she was more afraid of them than the dogs they were walking. As soon as they’d get close she’d stop hauling ass (we need to work on leash etiquette) and hide behind me. What a drama queen! One guy had his teacup Yorkie in the basket on his bike. He stopped to chat with us a bit. It’s funny how much friendlier people are when you have a dog. Got lots of “he’s so cute” comments when people walked by too. She definitely is a cutie! This is her after her walk with the wind blowing through her fur.


We made sure to wipe down her paws when we got home so she wouldn’t pick up any diseases.

Joe took care of some stuff around the house:

  • Installed our new wireless doorbell I got off Amazon. We haven’t had a functioning doorbell in years and normally I wouldn’t care but it helps with package deliveries, especially on those rare occasions where they require a signature.
  • Replaced a pipe under the kitchen sink.
  • Took apart the dryer to see if he could determine why it doesn’t heat up consistently. We were hoping just taking it apart would get it working reliably but it isn’t so he’s going to order one of the parts it could be from Appliance Part Pros. They have a 365 day money back guarantee so if it’s not the correct part we can send it back and try another.

We planned on going to the Oswego Light Festival but felt too lazy to drive all that way so stayed in and watched Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates instead. I used my free birthday code from Redbox.

Sunday 1/22

We went to Drury Lane for a Home and Garden Show and ended up scheduling three estimates this week for replacing our patio door. I really hope they are affordable, otherwise Joe is going to do it himself.

After the show we walked around Oak Brook mall. It wasn’t bad considering it was under 50 degrees. We missed an entire section of stores, however, so I didn’t get to check out this Aritzia boutique I keep hearing some YouTubers fawning over. Maybe next time. We got all excited when we spotted a DMK Burger Bar there but it’s actually still under construction. I did find a black pair of sneakers for $22 at Sears – Fila Windstar 2 is the brand/model. I’ve been needing to replace my black Nikes for awhile (they are literally five years old because I really take care of my stuff) but didn’t want to spend $70+. They are running shoes but for me they are walking around and shopping shoes.


We were pretty hungry but couldn’t think of any place good for lunch so I decided to make some tuna salad at home instead.

We also used the newer playpen (which Joe separated into two sections earlier in the week) to keep Wookie contained to the living room and put her crate, bed, water and food bowls, plus the pee pad, on the tile by the fireplace, and let her hang out with us all evening. She was really good (no accidents) and even played by herself and napped (although not as long as she usually does because she was probably worried about missing so much since she’s not used to be out that long). I hope we can do this more now that she’s older (she turned 4 months old on Saturday) because we were actually able to watch TV without her having a fit for once. Some nights we’d haul ass upstairs just to get a break from her since even though she can hear us up there if we turn off the lights downstairs she stays quiet.

Monday 1/23

Cleaned the upstairs, did laundry, went to Aldis for groceries, and kept an eye on Wookie. She has thrown up bile three times over the past few days. Initially we thought maybe it was the chew bone we gave her so we took it away. Now we’re not sure what it is but since it’s only once in a given day and she acts normally otherwise, we’re not sure whether we should be too concerned just yet. She wouldn’t eat lunch today and slept a lot, but her poop is normal. She kept refusing food unless I gave her just the hard food. Suddenly she doesn’t care for the wet food which she once loved. I’m a bit worried since the hard food might be upsetting her stomach but I guess we’ll see since that’s all she would eat all day.

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