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Wookie’s Play Date

January 30th, 2017

Saturday we took Wookie to our friend K’s house to hang out with her two dogs. I had no plans on visiting for four hours but she took that long to warm up enough to not be glued to our sides. I really hope the more she sees them the quicker she will relax.

She vomited as soon as we arrived and Joe got her out of the car and then again in the car when we got home. Luckily the new car seat protector I purchased cleans up easily. I hope she grows out of that! I’m not sure whether it’s anxiety or motion sickness or a combo of the two but I want her to enjoy car rides.

I’m also going to sign us up for a puppy class at Petsmart even though I fear she’s going to spend the entire time too scared to interact. On the other hand it isn’t doing her any good to not introduce her to new situations so I might as well take the chance. It can’t hurt her now that her vaccinations are complete.

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