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RIP Milo

February 6th, 2017


Friday we took Milo to the vet to be euthanized. His cyst started filling up again and the hole where it was drained last time was bleeding and getting infected. I was definitely sad about it but I didn’t cry like I did when I had to do the same with Gizmo. I never even wrote about Gizmo’s passing because it was very emotional and happened the day before we flew to Arizona so things were hectic. I think I became more attached to him due to having to give him medicine for so long. Even so I don’t understand why I didn’t tear up over Milo when I definitely loved him. I actually felt guilty over not getting emotional over it. Sometimes I don’t understand myself.

I keep forgetting and start going toward the room to take care of Milo. We’ve had rats consistently for three years so it’s going to be weird not having them for awhile. Since Wookie takes up so much of my time I’m not planning on getting any baby rats for awhile as much as I would love to have a little group of littermates. I cleaned the rat room this morning, closed the vent, and shut the door. It’s the end of an era (temporarily, at least).

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