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Wookie Dookie

February 6th, 2017

Yep, that’s one of my nicknames for her. Here she is impersonating a cat… and actually laying in one of the two beds she has but rarely uses.



Saturday we took Wookie to Petsmart and then Petco. She didn’t puke at all during or after the car ride which is good! 

At each store we put her fleece blanket in the cart and let her sit in there while we pushed her around the store. She was pretty nervous/scared (she was shaking) and even growled at some dogs and one of the Petsmart employees but no one noticed since it was pretty quiet and there were a lot of people and dogs in the store. 

Once we got to Petco she was calmer and even let a girl pet her under the chin without fear. I was proud of her and it makes me hopeful that she will socialize better as she’s exposed to more people and animals.

We also got her a lot of new toys because she’s spoiled rotten. Chewy.com had puppy pads on sale (150 for $10 if you sign up for autoship) so I added treats and toys to the cart to get free shipping. With the discounts my total was only $26 for $50 worth of items. Between Chewy.com, the two pet stores, Big Lots, and Menards, she got somewhere around 6 new toys this weekend alone. Plus I got her some new treats from Pet Supplies Plus. I told Joe the other day that this dog won the owner lottery.

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