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Weekend Recap

February 20th, 2017

Friday 2/17

While Wookie was at the groomer I stopped by Dollar Tree to find a container to keep her toys in. They had had their Easter stuff out which included containers of all shapes and sizes in my favorite color – purple! Needless to say I picked up more than a few, but here’s the one I got for her toys:

Wookies Toys

Then I went to Bath & Body Works to use my coupon for a free small lotion. I’m glad they had Warm Vanilla Sugar in stock because I’m not a fan of most of the scents.

Later that evening we stopped by Panda Express for dinner since we had coupons for free Fire Cracker Chicken breast and a drink.

Saturday 2/18

My Jetta had what should be its last oil change at the dealership because I plan on getting a new car soon. I know I keep saying that but now that Joe is working again it’s time.

The dealer moved to a new location on the same street just further away and it’s really nice. What’s not nice is the price of an oil change – $70!!! We paid a little less than that thanks to a coupon but seriously? Joe will be changing the oil himself on my next car. It just wasn’t very cost-saving on the Jetta because the oil filter price is ridiculous.

That’s just one of the reasons Volkswagen wasn’t in the running when I was thinking about which car I might want. The other reason is they are way behind in technology. I’m more than likely going to be getting a Subaru which has a huge LCD screen and syncs with my phone. Plus it comes standard with a backup camera and I can add on heated seats which is a must have for me. Once it gets warmer out I’ll be doing a second test drive of the Impreza as well as the Crosstrek. I might even check out the Ford Focus five door once more although for the price, safety, and resale value, I’m definitely leaning toward Subaru.

As noted in my other entry we spent the afternoon at Petsmart with Wookie and then came home and opened up all the windows because it was uncharacteristically warm outside. It’s been in the 60’s now for a few days which is just wild in February. Wookie was acting a bit odd later in the evening and I don’t know if it’s because she smelled something outside like a coyote, but she was shivering (it wasn’t cold inside) and walking around with her tail between her legs. It could be that she’s teething too, so we’ve just been keeping a close watch over her.

We were supposed to go to my parents’ for Brother B’s birthday party, but Brother J is sick so that was cancelled.

Sunday 2/19

Savers was having a pre-Presidents Day sale so everything was 50% off. Of course despite taking 7 tops into the dressing room none of them fit well but Joe found three t-shirts he didn’t need. LOL We did get a game called Logo Board Game for only $4. Technically it should have been $2 but for some reason it didn’t ring up as 50% off. I emailed Savers this morning to ask why.

Logo Board Game

Still not a bad price for a game that sells for nearly $30 on Amazon and was in great condition. We plan on taking it to my parents’ house the next time we visit.

After lunch we decided to take Wookie on a walk at Northside Park in Wheaton. She really sucks on a leash right now so that is the next major thing I need to tackle. She just pulls and weaves back and forth and you practically trip over her. But we wanted to give her the exposure to all the people and dogs that we knew would be there due to the nice weather. It was very crowded and we spent about an hour there.

Wookie at the Park

That afternoon Joe also installed a child lock on cabinet under sink so now I don’t need to move the garbage can in front of it when I let Wookie run around the kitchen. I can rest easy knowing she can’t get into any cleaning products. I’m going to have him put the lock on the cabinet where we store the saran wrap and baggies too.

Monday 2/20

Right now I have stuffed cabbage cooking in the crockpot. I really hate the prep because even with Joe coring the cabbage last night it was still a bitch to tear off the leaves without ripping them which makes rolling up the meat mixture inside a bit difficult. I might make this cabbage casserole I found online next time instead. It’s basically the same thing without worrying about the size of the cabbage pieces.

Speaking of a the crockpot, I had a total fail a couple of weeks ago. I tried making the stoup in it vs on the stove and I will never do that again because the taste was completely different and not good at all. Lesson learned.

This day has flown by because I slept in until 7 am, had to deal with the cabbage, which included a trip to Walmart to buy lemon juice since ours was expired (but I was smart – I froze the new stuff using the ice cube tray my brother got me for my birthday), clean the house, and run to my doctor’s office to pick up my blood work order they had forgotten to give me before.

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