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April 10th, 2017

Friday Brother B came over so we could spend some quality time together just the two of us. We went to a place in St Charles called Just Kabobs which I’ve been wanting to eat at again for awhile now, but with Wookie’s puppy classes tying up our Saturdays, and them being closed on Sundays, we just could never make it there. We both ordered the Greek Chicken platter which is delicious. You get half a chicken with Greek seasonings, tons of rice, two large potato wedges, a pita cut into four pieces and seasoned, and a salad for $7.11 (that includes tax). Other than the salad which is just ok I loved everything.

After lunch we went to Willowbrook Wildlife Center to take photos.


I knew Joe wouldn’t mind since he finds the place boring. I, on the other hand, would probably visit weekly if it was closer. My brother wanted to walk around outside first so we did that before heading inside to see all the critters, mostly birds. They have two pet rats in a Critter Nation cage but they put mesh over the bars so you really can’t see them which sucks. I miss having rats. I look forward to when Wookie doesn’t need so much supervision so I can get some rat babies.

On the way to Willowbrook we made a quick stop at Pet Supplies Plus so I could get an Easter cookie for Wookie, and then after we stopped at this other pet store where I bought another one. Good thing since the first one melted in the car and had to be thrown out. My brother did warn me but I thought it would be ok where I put it. I should have just carried it with me but I was worried it would crack. Turns out they are so hard that wouldn’t have been an issue. Oh well, lesson learned.

Speaking of Wookie, we have been giving her more run of the house. She can move between the kitchen and the living room freely when we’re home and downstairs to keep an eye on her. She likes plopping in front of the patio door when it’s open and just sitting there looking outside or chewing on a toy. It’s been nice the past few days which she’s been loving. She’s been good using her potty pad except on Friday when I accidentally left it behind the locked gate and she peed on the rug. Brian was here or otherwise I’d like to think she would have let me know. I ended up putting her in his lap which really helped her warm up to him. She’s not as friendly with males in general.

Saturday she finally graduated from her puppy training class! It really ended up being 8 weeks long due to skipping a week and then getting an extra class. I am glad to not have to do that every Saturday but I do think it’s helped Wookie with her socialization so I should probably take her there weekly just to walk around.

Before class we took her to get a free photo with the Easter bunny.

They take the photos on an iPad so they don’t come out that great, especially because they didn’t take into consideration the wide angle nature of the lens. Oh well, what can you expect for free?

It was driving me nuts that the photo wasn’t showing up in my email even though people were posting theirs all over Instagram. It didn’t occur to me until this morning that I have a filter on emails from Petsmart that go into a folder labeled Coupons. It had been there since just a few minutes after it was taken. Doh! I think I’ll post it on her Instagram account on Easter.

We were rather pooped after spending two hours at Petsmart but Joe washed both cars anyway which was nice. We also ordered some Chinese food which I had been craving all week. We got enough that it fed us for two dinners and today’s lunch so that’s not bad for $33.

Yesterday we tired ourselves out on two epic grocery shopping trips at Target and Meijer. We now have everything we need for Easter next Sunday because the kids are coming over. Can you believe it? This will be the first Easter ever that they’ve been over. I’m still shocked they said they were free since I assumed they spent it with their mom/grandma with it being a religious holiday. We don’t celebrate the religious aspect of it so we never asked to have that day with them when they were younger. I’m making ham and lots of sides (plus getting a rotisserie chicken from Costco for K since she doesn’t care for ham), carrot cake, brownies, and cookies since we’ll also be celebrating E’s birthday which was yesterday. I can’t wait to put together the kids’ Easter baskets. I will be making one for Joe and Wookie as well. Next weekend will be busy but I’m looking forward to it!

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