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Tails on Trails

May 8th, 2017

Saturday morning my friend and her dog came over and after a quick breakfast of donuts we headed to the arboretum for the Tails on Trails event. Dogs were allowed the entire day but at 10 am they had tents from different organizations, some of which had free stuff. We ended up with small sample bags of food and even a free Kong toy. Too bad it’s meant for bigger dogs and is labeled as free or I’d try to exchange it for a more appropriate size. I put Wookie’s regular kibble in it and she likes that, so at least it’s serving a purpose.

I tried to get some nice photos of Wookie at the event, but as usual she wouldn’t sit still for anything. I need to remember to bribe her with treats next time.

The event had a good turnout and the weather was warmer than predicted which was nice. The grass was wet in some places since it rained earlier that morning so the dogs got a bit muddy but their paws dried it from a walk around the lake on the cement before we got back to the car so it worked out. We were there about two hours I think. Then we came home and I grilled burgers for lunch. My friend ended up leaving around 2:30 since we wanted to go car shopping. More on that in a separate entry.

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