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Solar Eclipse 2017

August 21st, 2017

We lucked out when I ended up buying the last two pairs of solar eclipse glasses after work on Thursday at the local Jewel. Those are the ones pictured below on the top. The bottom ones were sent to me by a friend. Unfortunately they didn’t arrive until later this afternoon so it was too late to use them.

Even though it was overcast here this morning/afternoon, I was able to spot the 86% covered sun with my special glasses (as was Joe at work) occasionally throughout the eclipse event as the clouds passed over the sun so I’m pretty happy about that. NASA was airing coverage of the eclipse on C-SPAN as well.

The landscapers kind of ruined the vibe when it got all dark with their loud equipment going, however, but whatever. It was cool but not so life-shattering that I feel like I missed out by not traveling to view it elsewhere. And hey, at least I didn’t get into any trouble unlike the last time I viewed an eclipse which was in high school. I ditched my algebra class to see it and when I admitted this to the attendance office I was suspended!

One thing I found interesting were the people who later complained that it was lame. Yes, it was, if you didn’t have the special glasses because the sun was still bright in the areas that didn’t have total coverage. See this photo of the eclipse I took? LOL

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