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Fall Decor Whore

September 10th, 2017

I know that fall isn’t actually here yet but that didn’t stop me for decorating for it on Friday.

Nor did it stop us from picking up some Halloween, Day of the Dead, and fall decor from Target and Michaels respectively.

From Target we got Day of the Dead light-up canisters and a Halloween sign I plan to hang in my work cubicle.

From Michaels we got the red leaf in the middle of the CD cabinet (the rest of the items being given to me by my mom last year) and the skull placemat that we intend to hang on the wall. We also got a pumpkin praline scented candle for only $2 and lit it as soon as we got home. It smells amazing!

I love fall so much! Too bad it turns into winter which sucks.

On the plus side, I picked up two sets of wool socks from Costco so my feet should stay nice and toasty.

I especially love the patterns available this year.

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