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Tire Issues

July 10th, 2005

Well that stunk. We ended up at Firestone last night to get the tire patched but they said they couldn’t do it because of where the screw was located. Luckily the Jetta comes with a full-size spare, so we had them put that on along with the regular rim. However, they almost didn’t give us back the old tire (which Joe said can be patched with a kit from the store since it’s done differently than Firestone would have done it), but we caught that before driving away.

This morning when Joe went to rotate the tires, he found that the guy had put them on way too tight. One of them wouldn’t come off and now a screw is striped. Note to self: Firestone sucks.

In fact, it seems to me like no one can properly handle changing tires on the Jetta other than Volkswagen. As you may recall, Walmart ruined my rims two years ago when I bought new tires from them and let them install them.

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