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July 13th, 2005

We made an attempt to attend the opening of our town’s summerfest earlier today. Since it’s at the park, it’s kinda close… but not. You can walk, but it’s 1.5 miles and it’s really humid out, so we drove.

We were driving down the street the festival is on when one of the residents who live nearby pulled out in front of us and then stole the last remaining spot on the street to park. They live right there, yet they drove! They couldn’t walk two blocks?? If we lived that close, we certainly wouldn’t have driven.

In any case, it bothered me, and even more so when we realized they had roped off the regular park’s lot so they could justify charging $5 to park on the grass. I don’t think so!

So we came home. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay them $5 to park plus whatever other outrageous fees they charge for food and games. I think we pay enough for our taxes, thank you very much. Taxes, I may add, that go to a school district where we have no children and a library that we don’t use because they are too incompetent to keep track of their books.

I’m still pretty irate about the whole thing. Maybe we’re just cheap, but it’s a slap in the face. I wanted to enjoy myself, walk around a bit, check out the food booths, and go home. Nothing big. I’m usually not even in the mood to bother with carnivals and whatnot, but I thought it would be cool since it’s in our town. We even had a small dinner beforehand so we wouldn’t eat too poorly since we’re trying to get back in shape. Well their greediness ruined that. How dare they say the fest is free and not mention the parking. That’s just wrong!

We’ll still catch the fireworks show tonight, though. Since the park is across the huge golf course that surrounds our subdivision, we should be able to see the show easily from our driveway, which is free.

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