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New Glasses

November 5th, 2018

Welp, after MONTHS of frustration I finally officially purchased a pair of eye glasses that not only fit me properly, but actually look pretty nice on me to boot. Who knew I could find a stylish pair after going through so many duds?

The brand is Nifties Eyewear and the technical details are as follows:
NI1321-6521 – 47/17/140 Titanium

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the front frame is actually purple with tortoiseshell arms.

A short overview of my ordeal:

Apr 05 – Got an eye exam at Visionworks.

May 20 – Picked up my new eyeglasses from Visionworks.

Jun 03 – Returned glasses for a full refund to Visionworks because they weren’t fitting properly (and they don’t make any effort to help fit them either)

Jun 26 – Picked up new glasses from Wheaton Eye Clinic for $503. Struggled to adjust because frames were much heavier than my old pair.

Jul 26 – After a few failed attempts to adjust the glasses, found a different pair and paid an additional $100 for ultra thin lenses.

Jul 31 – Realized this second pair was front heavy and due to the way the nose pads were constructed, couldn’t adjust the nose pads in a comfortable spot without causing the metal that holds them from squeezing the sides of my noise. Also felt like the left eye lens was distorted.

Sep 06 – Had an eye exam at Wheaton Eye Clinic ($135 OOP) to ensure prescription was accurate. It was not. Visionworks had over-corrected my left eye.

Sep 27 – Met with my optician to try a few frames she had gotten from a rep that aren’t even sold at their store. Took them home to wear with my contacts to ensure proper fit before ordering lenses for them.

Oct 18 – Finally found a pair that works and ordered lenses for them.

Oct 25 – Picked up my new glasses.

Throughout all this my rep, who actually shares the same first and last name as my cousin, was great. She never charged me for having to redo the lenses and the paperwork I received claims my total for the new frames and lenses should have been $690 when all I paid was $603 so that was cool too. I think she felt bad because she had sold me on the heavy frames in the very beginning and then we just had so much trouble from there.

I’ve never in my life had such a hard time finding frames. The problem is the trend is oversized which are way to big and heavy for me. My new pair are actually larger than my old one and the tops of my ears hurt a bit from time to time but they are the closest I’m going to get to perfect right now. I can’t believe this saga went on for five months! I hope this pair lasts me at least a few years so I don’t have to go through this again for awhile.

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