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Laser Michael Jackson

February 6th, 2019

Wasn’t feeling so hot on Saturday. It started Friday with excessive sneezing and a stuffy nose, so I decided to take it easy and not go anywhere. I also drank plenty of water and starting taking zinc. It either helped, or I wasn’t developing a cold in the first place, because I felt fine on Sunday. We ended up going to IKEA to grab breakfast and look around. We came home with a few things – two decorative white pots ($6) that I put on the fireplace mantel, a scrub brush ($1), another bed for Wookie ($13) since she loves her current one so much, 4 grey potholders ($4) as ours were desperately in need of replacing, and a big blanket ($4) I plan to cut into strips to create a snuffle mat for Wookie since the ones on Amazon sell for $30 which seems rather high for strips of material to hide treats in. Hopefully mine comes out good enough that it’s a challenge for her. She caught on quickly to the treat game we got in January and can get all of them in a minute or less. She’s been really bored lately too since it’s been too cold/wet to take her on walks. Later the same afternoon, we headed to Cernan Space Center to catch the 3 pm showing of Laser Michael Jackson. Of the three shows we’ve seen, I found that one to be the least entertaining. I’m sure some of that was in part due to the incredibly inconsiderate woman several rows below us who insisted on filming every song with her phone which created distracting lighting. It’s not as if the guy running the show asked for people to put their phones away or something. Also, for whatever reason they didn’t play two of the songs listed as part of the show which was disappointing.

Monday I met up with my friend C at the mall for lunch. I stopped at Savers beforehand and ended up finding a cute sweater for only $1.50 and a purple t-shirt for $2.75. Both are long enough to wear with leggings which is perfect since that’s what I tend to wear lately.

At the mall food court I got a sandwhich from Great Steak which was good, as always, if not overpriced at $7 for the size.

After chatting for a couple of hours, C and I went to Bath & Body Works to shop. Actually, I just went to get my freebies. I earned a reward for spending over $100 so I got a free rose gold candle stand normally priced $15.50. I also used a coupon to get some rose balm for free. Interestingly enough, the coupons they mail must be based on your spending habits because my friend’s coupon was good for a free item $6.50 or under whereas mine was only $5.50 and could be only used toward body care items. I also had a coupon for a free item with purchase for my birthday which was expiring, but I wasn’t interested in anything, so the cashier used it against of my friend’s items so she didn’t have to pay for it, which was nice. I don’t like playing full price for anything in that store, plus the candles weren’t on sale and I’m not looking to add to my wallflower or hand soap collection.

My goal this year is to use up everything I have before buying any new stuff, which is why all I’ve really purchased lately is home decor, and I’ve been making an effort to donate the stuff I have stored away that I pass over every year instead of putting on display. My taste has changed a lot and I like more simple looking items now. Joe said it’s like our decor is maturing and I agree.

My friend and I also went to Hobby Lobby to look around but we didn’t buy anything. Nothing really striked me plus none of their Easter decor was on sale yet.

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