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Weekly Accomplishments

May 9th, 2020

Monday (05/04) – I went through my recipe binder and threw out the ones we never make, then reorganized what was left, adding in new ones I’ve been making for awhile but haven’t printed out.

Tuesday (05/05) – I gathered all our old “homemade” VHS tapes and the VCR to figure out what was on them and whether any were worth retaining. There were not. So I recycled their cardboard cases, destroyed the actual tapes (not sure why, but I just didn’t want them to be playable), and threw them away. Felt good to get rid of them after they’ve been sitting on a bookshelf for over ten years. I can’t get rid of the VCR, however, because I have some Cure tapes that cannot be viewed any other way. I need to look into whether I can digitize them myself. I guess that’s my next big project.

Wednesday (05/06) – Cleaned and reorganized the junk drawer.

Thursday (05/07) – Finished scanning in my CDs to complete our media cataloging project.

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