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Vacation Planning Blows

September 8th, 2005

I never thought planning a vacation would be so tiring, not to mention frustrating! I need to stop reading all the Disney-related sites and forums because I get conflicting information. Tuesdays are a bad day for this park, but Fridays are a good day for that park, and my head is going to explode because there aren’t enough days for me to pick the ideal one for each park. I doubt my grandparents did this kind of extensive research and I don’t remember not enjoying our vacations. Although as a kid waiting in line and navigating crowds don’t seem nearly as irritating than when you become an adult.

Even with cancelling our visit to Busch Gardens, I worry we’re not going to see as much as I’d like and the time will fly by too quickly. I’m really worried about being bored at night after the parks close. That seemed to happen a lot on previous vacations which is why we have Park Hopper tickets (since Epcot is open til 9 pm) and we’re bringing the PS2 and the laptop. I’d rather have too many options than hanging out in the hotel room flipping channels at 8 pm. One of the hotels we’re staying at has a 24-hour outdoor pool, so depending on the weather, that could be a nice time occupier.

I can’t believe how close the wedding is getting and I still don’t have an outfit picked out! I want something beachy like a long flowing skirt with a tank top, but I haven’t found anything I really like yet other than those two skirts I wrote about. Maybe the purple one with a white tank? I’m not a big fan of white clothing, but for the occasion it does seem appropriate (if you ignore my lack of innocence, heehee).

Talk about waiting until the last minute, right? I think I’ve decided to nix the bouquet since I don’t really have an aisle to walk up anyway. But I’m still not sure about hiring someone to do my hair or makeup. In the past I always felt overdone, so I might go the more natural route. On the other hand, if it’s possible for someone to work some magic and make me appear more attractive, then it would be worth the price. I am really dreading the photos; I’ve always been uncomfortable getting my picture taken because I think I look worse in photos than in person.

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  1. September 11th, 2005 at 11:33 | #1

    We got one of those “Disney Travel Books” from the library that gave the scoop on how to handle the day and the visit with kids. Our’s were like 6 & 7 at the time, and so it showed us how to visit the park and what rides to take and all that without long lines. My parents never did this with us – so it was strange for me to follow a book on Disneyland… where I know the park by heart, but it was fun and very less stressing for the kids to handle.

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