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October 3rd, 2005

Last night I made a bonehead move and forgot to wash a shirt I wanted to wear today. I had forgotten all about the shirt until I got upstairs at 11 pm which is late for me to begin with, so I was mad. I ran downstairs and quickly started a load of laundry to get it washed, cursing along the way (big surprise there).

The wash cycle didn’t take very long, but it took forever and a day for the shirt to dry. I kept changing settings hoping to speed up the process. I ended up watching an episode of Will & Grace and then stumbled on one of my favorite movies, Trainspotting.

The first time I saw this movie was at the 3 Penny on Chicago’s northside. The music in this movie is awesome, particularly Underworld’s “Dark Train” (played during Renton’s hallucinations in his bedroom). I think that was the first time I ever heard of Underworld, but it was certainly not the last.

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  1. October 4th, 2005 at 13:27 | #1

    You know, I haven’t actually seen Trainspotting and I have meant to for sure but I can tell you – I love Underworld. I’m not sure when I first heard them but I think it must have been right around the same time. I think there was one song I had heard from them earlier that I was really into and didn’t know it was them. I’ll have to look it up and see if I can remember. Admittedly I have been a little out of the music loop a bit and have been meaning to get back into it. Now I know a good place to start again!

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