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T-Rex Arm & Boobies

February 3rd, 2021

Monday (2/1) I saw a shoulder surgeon about my range of motion issues with my left arm. I’ve been going to physical therapy but haven’t seen much improvement, although pain wise it has been better. He diagnosed me with a frozen shoulder, which is what everyone suspected all along, but it was good to get confirmation. They took x-rays to rule out arthritis, and he doctor explained that if it was a tear he’d be able to physically manipulate my arm, but he couldn’t because it’s stuck. He said if we focused on stretching that eventually it would unfreeze and I’d get my full range of motion back. It’s a long process, though, that can last upwards of a year. This began in August of last year so who knows when it will be back to normal. The doctor’s assistant, Dan, gave me a cortisone shot in the shoulder to help reduce pain so my PT can stretch me out more without me being in agony. I really like her. Or I guess I should say them since I’ve been going back and forth between two very lovely women, one of which does dry needling on the area too. They have been my main source of in-person socializing. We’re always joking and whatnot. Yesterday they even sent me home with a slice of cookie-cake from a birthday celebration one of their assistants had. It was covered in frosting and very good too!

The shot was painful, but after the trigger point injections I got in 2019 I can tolerate the pain. The only thing I didn’t like was how the doctor lowered his mask twice to speak. Dude, I can hear you fine, damn! The assistant didn’t do that, though, and spent more time with me, so overall it was fine.

Today (2/3) I had to go back to the hospital for a follow-up mammogram and ultrasound because my right breast looked different on the screening mammogram I had last month. My obgyn told me not to worry since this is quite common, so I actually didn’t think about it much. And he was right – it was nothing to worry about. In fact, after doing the second mammogram they decided an ultrasound wasn’t even necessary, so now someone is gonna owe me some money since I paid my out of pocket portion at the hospital this morning in full ($389). I called their billing department when I got home but they don’t have anything in the system yet, so I’ll need to call back on Monday. I’m sure we’ll figure it out but let that be a lesson to me – only pay the deposit next time instead of the full amount due. I guess I wasn’t expecting them to see everything they needed on the new mammogram. Perhaps I wouldn’t have had to come back in had the original woman been more thorough then. Hard to say, though. This new lady took more angles and took her time. She explained too that the doctor who looked at the scans compared them all the way back to 2012 and didn’t see any differences to warrant an ultrasound.

The one thing that stood out to me this week is how in neither scenario was I asked if I could be pregnant, nor did they shield any other part of my body from radiation. Is this suddenly not a standard practice, or is someone dropping the ball? Usually when I’ve gotten x-rays they would at least ask, and have me wear a shielded apron. They had me do it for my mammogram last month, so that is weird. I guess now that I’m 45 it’s like fuck her uterus?

Ok, I actually took a second while typing up this entry to see what the deal might be, and apparently there’s good reason they don’t shield you during scans anymore. This article eases my mind.

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