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IZZE & Comforter Update

April 11th, 2021

I never heard back from IZZE after providing feedback about their customer service response. I recently checked their website and according to them only two stores in the entire tristate area carry the cherry lime flavor now – one in the city and one up north closer to where my friend lives.

Yesterday we stopped at Party City and I decided to check Mariano’s just in case. I truly wasn’t expecting them to have any in stock, but there was an entire row of them (about eight 4-packs) so I grabbed four. And they were still on sale for $4 instead of $5! $1 per bottle is a bit high, but I only plan on drinking one a week so it’ll last me a long time.


I popped one in the fridge and ended up drinking it with my lunch and I have to say – it tastes better in the cans. Oh well, it’s not like I have a choice. I’m not buying a multipack of different flavors just to get 4 of the flavor I actually want.

Also I guess their website doesn’t really accurately track what they have in stock and where because it was listing my local store as being in stock when it wasn’t and now it’s not listed when it is in stock. That makes a whole lot of sense!

Shortly after returning the comforter we bought from Home Depot, Target had a white comforter on sale for even less. It’s thinner, but it’s actually white, so it worked out nicely since we don’t sleep under the comforter anyway.

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