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April 28th, 2021

If I have to dust one more time this week I’m going to scream!

Just the other day we noticed a lot of debris on the dining room and kitchen floors, as well as a gritty sand-like substance all over the living room furniture. We vacuumed and I dusted all the furniture, chalking it up to having the windows open even with the crazy wind gusts we were having that day.

It was quite warm out yesterday so we had the windows open, and today we’ve got the same layer of sand on the furniture so I had to dust AGAIN! WTF!? It wasn’t even that windy yesterday. Is there some weird sand storm in Illinois that I haven’t heard about? I googled it but didn’t see anything.

Luckily it’s going to be cool and rainy the next few days so I’m hoping I won’t have to dust again until the weekend. I typically only do it once a week and it’s not even as bad as whatever this stuff is that keeps reappearing.

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