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The Cure @ Bestival & My (Sorta) Podcast EP

September 11th, 2016 Comments off

Now that The Cure’s tour has headed overseas I figured I wouldn’t be able to tune into any shows since the time difference means they’d be playing while I was at work. I forgot about Bestival, however, which was this weekend.

A couple of hours before The Cure was due to go on stage I learned that they were live streaming the show thanks to Red Bull. Not only that, but there was an app for that. And even better? There was a Smart TV app for that! I turned on our TV, went into apps, and for whatever reason it was literally the first app to show up in the list. I installed it and tested the stream (they were streaming Bestival performances all day) and it was full HD. Woo!

Just after 3 pm our time The Cure’s performance began. They played for a little over two hours and it looked fantastic.


I didn’t think they sounded all that great at first but the sound seemed to improve as their performance went on. They primarily played their hits, although they surprised everyone with a new song for this tour – The Baby Screams. I checked my tracking list and I’ve never seen them perform that song live before so that was a treat even though it didn’t sound quite as good as the album version.

It’s really awesome that we have the technology to watch a live concert another continent away. I ended up telling a new Cure friend of mine, Gavin, who hosts an all-Cure podcast called The Holy Hour about it when they announced the replay later the same evening. He was very grateful for the tip and said I made his night. Which reminds me – I totally forgot to mention that my Cure story is featured in Episode #29 – The Drowning Fans – Post 2016 Tour Blues. How cool is that? You can listen to it below.

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Party Weekend

July 18th, 2016 Comments off

Ugh, I feel hungover today. It’s mostly lack of sleep related and not alcohol induced since I didn’t really drink much last night at my friend’s annual party. But I’ll get to that in a bit.

Early Saturday morning (around 1 am) I woke up with the worst panic attack ever. It doesn’t matter how many times they happen, I’m always certain I’m going to die. It’s so damn scary! I immediately took a Xanax, stripped off most of my clothing, and ran a rag under the water and put it on the back of my neck since I was overheated. Then I turned on Netflix as a distraction to wait for the medication to kick in. Joe was sleeping during all this, but I woke him up when I started shaking uncontrollably. That was a new thing that hasn’t happened before, but apparently is common during panic attacks. At some point I passed out because Joe said at 3 am he woke up and had to turn off the TV and remove my glasses.

Needless to say, Saturday morning I was feeling crappy even though I slept in. We had plans to visit my second cousin for a pool/game day around 3 pm. I started baking brownies (two batches – one for my cousin and one for the party we were attending on Sunday) when suddenly the power went out. There weren’t any storms or anything, but everyone on the block lost power. I immediately reported it to ComEd and gave my cousin a head’s up since I hadn’t even showered yet! That threw a kink in everything so we decided to postpone for another day. I felt simultaneously relieved and bummed because it would be nice to get to know her better (we recently connected on Facebook after seeing her at a funeral, the only place it ever seems like the majority of our family sees one another) but I was feeling really out of it thanks to the panic attack so it was for the best.

Once the power came back on I just finished baking the brownies. That evening Joe ordered pizza and we watched Wild Card which is the worst Jason Statham movie we’ve ever seen. What a total crapfast! I rated it half a star on Flixster because it’s pure garbage. In contrast, we watched Pixels on Friday night which was actually better than I was expecting. I gave it 3 stars out of 5 because it wasn’t anything spectacular but at least it held my interest and I liked the CGI video game characters.

Sunday we met up with our friends at Bulldog Ale House at 3 pm for lunch before the party. I was planning on ordering tator tots with my boneless wings since every year I drool over my friend’s tots, but they no longer offer them. WTF? How hard is it to have tator tots on the menu? Joe and I shared an order of waffle fries but they weren’t worth the $4 we were charged. They also started charging for dipping sauce for the wings. I’m pretty sure that’s a new thing too. Overall I was a little irked but it was still fun catching up with our friends who we hadn’t seen in awhile.

We arrived at the party sometime after 4 pm and it was hot, humid, and sunny. Some clouds rolled in shortly after, however, which made things much more comfortable. As I vowed last year, we brought chips. Three bags, in fact, in addition to the two batches of brownies I brought (which received more than a few glowing reviews) and the vodka infused cherries Joe made. We brought our bathing suits fulling intending to jump in the pool or hot tub but never got around to it. The pool was occupied by kids splashing around most of the time and it was too humid to make going into the hot tub any fun. That’s ok, though. We walked down a few blocks to the fest to watch the fireworks and due to the wind got pelted with debris from them which was rather annoying. Afterwards we hung out for a little while before taking off when it started to rain. My friend had to be up early for work anyway since unlike previous years she couldn’t take the day off as she had just gone back to work after being out for three months for medical reasons.

I was rather awake when we got home so I put Netflix on for awhile. Joe fell asleep and I was surfing on my phone when I realized The Cure was playing a show in Hawaii which is five hours behind us. I hadn’t planned on watching it, but since I was up I figured what the hell. Someone was Periscoping the whole thing and it sounded so good! They played a great set, including a Seventeen Seconds encore (At Night, M, Play for Today, and A Forest) which was awesome. By the time that was over it was 4 am!

I managed to drag my butt out of bed around 11 am because the landscapers were making a racket outside. Even though I only had 3 vodka cherries and a little bit of an amaretto sour, I feel hungover. I’m eating pizza and potato chips as I write this. I’m going to be so screwed up trying to get to bed at a decent hour tonight for work tomorrow! My boss is on vacation all this week so it should be pretty quiet at least. As if that even matters – my boss never micromanages me so it’s not going to be much different than any other week.

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Music Nostalgia

July 18th, 2016 Comments off

Friday we went to Half Price Books since we had coupons and hadn’t been there in awhile. They moved the video game section to a wider aisle which is helpful since it gets more traffic. Now it’s much easier to browse without getting in someone’s way. I was hoping to find a Wii U for cheap since I’d like to have one eventually, but I don’t want to pay full price. They didn’t have any, however.

I enjoyed browsing the store looking at everything from board games, to CDs, to vinyl records. It brought back that feeling I’d get when I would go to shops in the city like Evil Clown (no longer in business) for bootlegs, or one of the old record stores on Clark St. for vinyl. Even both Tower Records locations in Chicago hold a special place in my heart, particularly the one on Clark St. because that’s where I purchased Substance by New Order and bought my tickets to the first Cure show I ever attended in 1996.

I came across a Cure tribute album and wasn’t sure whether I had it so I bought it; with the coupon it was just over $3. Turns out I had more than half the songs already on my hard drive even though I didn’t own the CD. The cover art looked familiar, however, so I’m guessing my ex must have owned it and I had a copy of some of the songs. Now I have them all. It’s not a bad tribute album overall, especially the version of The Walk which is my favorite.

I also picked up DJ Hero for the Xbox360. I’ve always been drawn to the game but never enough to buy it. With the coupon and some credit from selling some books it was only $3 so I figured why not. As long as I get even an hour of enjoyment from playing it then it will have been well worth it.

Once we got home I decided to clean the rat cages and listen to The Holy Hour which is a Cure podcast I recently discovered. I’m now up to episode 17 and am loving listening to these guys talk about all things Cure.

Once I was done with the cages I pulled out all my Cure memorabilia of which I have a decent amount. I have way more vinyl than I remembered. Too bad I don’t have a record player! I had to take a couple of pictures although I’d like to take better quality ones at some point.

The Cure Vinyl - Albums

The Cure Vinyl - Singles

That concert last month really did a number on me and I feel like I’ve become a rabid Cure fan. I’ve always loved them more than any band but the obsession has hit me like a 2×4 over the past two months.

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Weekly Work Happenings

July 9th, 2016 Comments off

Monday night I took a half dose of the ZzzQuil I got from Influenster and even though I took it at 9:15 pm which gave me over 8 hours of time to sleep before my alarm went off at 5:30, I just could not crawl out of bed. I ended up sleeping until 6:20 and getting to work a half hour late. No biggie, since I just stayed late to make up the time, but what sucks is that I ran over a Robin on the way into work. He landed right in front of the car and I couldn’t swerve quick enough. I’ve never killed a bird before and it made me sad. When I got into work there were three live Cure shows burned to CDs sitting on my desk courtesy of a coworker who recently learned I am a fan. That was so nice of him and made me feel a little better about my crappy morning.

Wednesday was bring your dog to work day. Only four people brought dogs and they all went home at lunch time, but it was nice to see them. One was a huge Mastiff who got drool on my jeans when he placed his head on my lap. Totally worth it (and I just washed the jeans the next day)! I brought in my stuffed dog to be funny. He was the most well-behaved of them all.

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Father’s Day, Periscope, & Finding Dory

June 20th, 2016 Comments off

Late yesterday afternoon E came by to spend time with Joe for Father’s Day. He got Joe a card which he was thrilled about since it’s the first time he’s gotten one that wasn’t facilitated by me. We went to Bulldog Alehouse for boneless wings, then to the pool for awhile. We also played Uno while I listened to a live stream of The Cure at Madison Square Garden.

I discovered Periscope about two weeks ago and have been following The Cure’s tour through the states which has been fun, even if I have to be careful to start out with 100% battery as the app really burns through it. My phone actually died one of the first times I watched a show because I didn’t realize it was such a battery hog.

I have mixed feelings about Periscoping shows. On one hand I wouldn’t want to be the person standing near these people since the glow from their phone is a distraction, but on the other I love that I can see the shows I’m missing. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. It’s fun to be able to see the band play live and interact with fellow fans in the chat section of the app, though.

I did piss someone off last night, however, because she was talking the entire time she was scoping. Sure, I get that she’s doing the rest of us a favor by even filming at all, but what’s the point if she’s going to talk over the music? She was going on and on about what a big fan she is yet she didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the show. Finally I got fed up and asked if she was going to listen to the music and enjoy herself or something to that nature and she got mad. She didn’t ban me, though, because she was too drunk, lol! That wasn’t my perception – she was telling everyone how drunk she was and that she ran out of money for beer. I just don’t get why someone would pay so much money to attend a show and then do everything but pay attention to it. I’ve tuned into other broadcasts where someone, not necessarily the person scoping, is chatting or laughing the entire time. STFU and enjoy the show! Is that so hard?

This morning we went to a matinee showing of Finding Dory. I hate Disney Pixar movies so much because they never fail to make my bawl my eyes out even during the heartwarming scenes. Needless to say, I loved the movie, maybe even better than Finding Nemo. And the short beforehand, Piper, was ridiculously cute.

We spent a little time this afternoon organizing our stuff for the garage sale we’re finally having this weekend. We only stopped because it’s so hot out we were getting too uncomfortable. We’ll work on it some more tomorrow which is supposed to be cooler.

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