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The Cure… Break Up?

August 18th, 2021

Saturday during one of the Cure watch parties on Twitch, Simon Gallup, one of the main members of The Cure, announced on Facebook that he’s no longer with the band.

Simon Gallup's FB Post

So of course everyone in the comments was freaking out and speculating that the two albums Robert has been saying were due to come out any time now will never be released. I’m not sure why Simon’s departure would matter if they are nearly complete, so long as Robert pays him accordingly. Fans were saying this could be the end of The Cure altogether since Robert has been known to say The Cure couldn’t exist without Simon. I’m pretty sure if he wanted to continue touring he could find a willing bassist, though, but even if they do break up, they’ve had a good run.

Either way, I’m not all that upset. If the last ever Cure concert I’ve been to ends up being the 2016 Chicago show, at least they went out on top in my eyes. Not to say I wouldn’t pass up a chance to see them again, but with my ear issues I’d be really scared to attend an indoor concert anyway, so my only hope for seeing them again was if they played outdoors so I can get lawn seats.

As far as whether or not we get another album from them – well, as far as I’m concerned, The Cure hasn’t put out a truly good album since the 90s so my expectations of any new material has been low for a very long time, so again, not that upset.

I didn’t say anything of this in the chat though, lest I be ripped to shreds. Some people were literally crying over the news. I will always love them, don’t get me wrong, but I spend more time listening to Sofi Tukker these days. Now if they broke up, I might cry.

Oh, and Simon apparently deleted the post sometime in the past 24 hours, so who knows what’s going on. Temper tantrum after an argument? Realizing that probably wasn’t the most mature way to make an announcement? Change of heart? Who knows. I guess we’ll stay tuned and see how it plays out.

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