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Vacation Stats

November 3rd, 2005

Pounds gained: 3
Miles traveled: 2800 or so
Photos taken between the two of us: 1042
Photos taken that are worth saving: Approximately 250
Photos I will post to Perfect Pixels: 88 83
Photos I posted to Flickr: 15
Photos I should have taken: More, but I wanted to enjoy my vacation instead of looking for photo ops
Amount budgeted for trip: $5638.06
Amount actually spent: $4641.29
Portion spent on accomodations: $1529.82
Portion spent on food: $469.02
Portion spent on souvenirs: $256.55

In all, it was a very affordable trip considering we were gone 13 days and we got married. Eloping rules, even when you’re dealing with a hurricane. :)

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  1. November 8th, 2005 at 17:59 | #1


    AMEN! We eloped too – best decision. EVER. And by eloping = offending everyone we offended no one. People thought it was terrible though. Oh, your mother must be really upset. Nope, she wasn’t. And my Dad was so relieved that he wouldn’t have deal with so many people; he definitely doesn’t like crowds.

    Guess that’s where I get it from.

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